The environment is where we all meet,
where all have a mutual interest,
it is the one thing all of us share!

R M TEngineering and ROMOTECH Global New Energy offers a wide range of Patent Pending green energy solutions for
commercial and private applications.
With more then 25 years experience in the fields of environmental protection, recycling and waste to energy, the Group offers  new energy solutions to avoid the output of CO² during energy production by using the wind and water forces for mobile or immobile units.
The development of a new and more efficient turbine technology (Patent Pending) leads to a more economical
and CO² free renewable energy production system.

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Turning Wind into Electricity

Diversifying our energy economy to include Clean Enegry Technologies

Unlocking Wind Potential

Our strategy to cut carbon pollution

Innovative Clean Energy Technologies

Collaboration and cooperation between industry and government

Economic Potential

Tremendous economic opportunities to export Clean Energy